Mission & Vision

“Improve the world by combining excellence, efficiency and innovation”

Malaria new market needs

Since 2010 there the impact of the implemented strategies in the elimination of malaria is decreasing. Therefore a NEW Approach necessary has been approved in 2016.

New Goal

Reduce by 90% impact of malaria by 2030


New Strategy

T3 Initiative
(GTS 2016-2030)


New Needs

New detection devices supporting testing, treatment & elimination strategies

  • High efficiency (cost efficient)
  • High sensitivity
  • Tropicalization
  • Data collection
  • Quantification

Our Products & Services

Magnetrap is developping Malaria detection tools based on the analysis of hemozoin in biological fluids.

About Us

“Improve the world by combining excellence, efficiency and innovation”

The fight against malaria requires the alliance of complementary expertise.

Therefor Magnetrap has established an international network including:

  • research centers in Mons (Belgium), Lyon (France), Bamako (Mali) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso),
  • innovating industrial partners in micro-fluidics, optics, data and portable power systems.

The team

  • Joris Vandeputte

    Joris Vandeputte

    Chair of the board & head of lobbying

  • Peter Vandeputte

    Peter Vandeputte

    Managing Director

  • Guillaume de Viron

    Guillaume de Viron


  • Dr. Samuel Pirlot

    Dr. Samuel Pirlot


  • Pr. Stéphane Picot

    Pr. Stéphane Picot

    Head of research Lyon

  • Pr. Pierre Duez

    Pr. Pierre Duez

    Head of research UMONS

  • Bertrand Blankert

    Bertrand Blankert

    Head of research UMONS

The Avisory Board

  • Robert Sebbag

    Robert Sebbag


  • Jacques-François Martin

    Jacques-François Martin


  • Pr. Robert Sauerwein

    Pr. Robert Sauerwein

    Radbout UMC

  • Pr. Stéphane Picot

    Pr. Stéphane Picot

    University Lyon 1

Contact Us

Chaussée de Binche 101,
B-7011 Mons, Belgium.


VAT: BE0674743080